Current Exhibition


The New Age Gold Rush

December 2016 – February 2017

In the Bay Area today, artists and working class residents are struggling to survive due to the extremely high cost of living. While enormous wealth is growing around us, many people are making costly sacrifices and overworking themselves to make art, and to make ends meet. “MONEY IS KILLING ME” is a multimedia art exhibit that focuses on how Latino artists currently work to keep their place in the City or the community, and make sense of living in the richest region in America within the context of labor and social justice movements both current and in the past.


Curated by Paul S. Flores


Featuring Multimedia work by

  • Jesus Barraza
  • Melanie Cervantes
  • Julio Cesar Morales
  • Sergio de La Torre
  • Josue Rojas

Opening Reception @ Spare Change Gallery
Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Featuring performances by:  Chhoti Ma | Tongo Eisen-Martin |
Norman Anontio Zelaya | DJ Sake-1

Artwork will be for sale. Please make an appointment at the Gallery for Inquires.