Call for Entries


“Things that go UP and DOWN”


Entry deadline: 10/10/2015 at 11:59 p.m. PST
Notification of acceptance: 10/13/2015
Artwork receiving: 10/15/2015
Show duration: 10/19/2015 – 01/08/2016
Opening Artist’s Reception: 10/22/2015
Closing Artist’s Talk: TBD
*This show is open to Northern California residents only.*

Spare Change Artist Space breathlessly awaits the installation and opening reception of our 2015 FALL EXHIBITION titled “Things That Go UP and DOWN”, a group show of kinetic artworks that embody the artists’ impressions of volatility in this modern age.  The show runs from October 19th through January 8th at the alternative gallery occupying the walls, ceiling, and available floor space of the financial planning firm Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC.

What’s not volatile?  The term volatility seems to have evolved into a universally apt description for all manner of newsworthy topics like equity markets, global temperatures, social unrest, and cultural dissonance.  The Greek debt crisis was blamed for a volatile summer at the European Central Bank, while Greek citizens at home were embroiled in a volatile clash with police.  The Shanghai Stock Market fell by nearly 33% off its highest mark causing volatility in equity markets far and wide.  Global warming has prompted some of the most volatile temperatures in over a century with record rainfall in some areas and frightening droughts in others.  Volatility has indeed become so pervasive that we felt it was time to stop and ask: Are we, as a society, growing increasingly passive and phlegmatic toward this fast paced roller coaster of contemporary life?

Spare Change Artist Space is looking for artists with opinions about volatility that they share through kinetic works of art.  Visually pontificate your views on economics and finance, on climate change, on social unrest, on global justice, or whatever rocks your world with artwork that moves, shakes, spins and flies!  Let us see your angry mobiles, your razor sharp pendulums, your bobble heads, and your electric gizmos!  Open our eyes to good volatility and bad volatility and leave us teetering on the brink of discovery!

We are requesting the following submission material as evidence of your enthusiasm through our online submission platform:

  1. up to five samples of kinetic artwork
  2. a brief explanation (two to four sentences) for why you feel the work is appropriate to the theme
  3. contact information so we can inform you of our decision over whether to include your work
  4. links to your website, CV, and online artist statement

All submissions should be completed through our online entry form:

Spare Change Artist Space does not keep a profit.  The fee for submitting work is $10 for the first image and $5 for any after that. The proceeds support the cost of organizing and promoting the exhibition as well as catering the reception and artist talk.  Excess proceeds earned through our submission help fund monetary prizes for three artist in the show and anything collected beyond these costs is donated to a deserving local non-profit art space.

Spare Change Artist Space does not take a commission from the sale of artwork and 100% of the sale proceeds go directly to the exhibiting artist.

If your work is accepted into the exhibit, you will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements for the delivery of artwork at the beginning of the exhibit and the retrieval of artwork at the end of the exhibit.  You will be expected to attend the opening reception, held in your honor, and to participate in a public artist talk in December.
Thanks so much!  We can’t wait to see what you have to show us.

– Spare Change Artist Space

. . .where “starving” and “artist” don’t go together.