Spare Change Artist Space operates within the offices of Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC, a wealth management firm in downtown San Francisco. Spare Change Artist Space started in 2005 and exhibits artwork primarily by contemporary local artists and curators, incorporating a theme which is important to both personal finances and art.

Spare Change Artist Space looks for artwork that gives a creative voice to the analytic world of financial planning.  Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC is in turn dedicated to providing educational programming in conjunction with the artwork installed in their offices.  The overarching goal of this collaboration is to create an environment where art enthusiasts will better understand personal finances and where everyone will better understand art.


Interested in submitting a curatorial proposal?  Exhibitions must have a theme that is relevant to the broad and interpret-able world of personal financial planning.    Please send us your best!

What we want from you:

  • Your full name, address, phone number, email
  • Write a one paragraph curatorial statement describing the theme, how it relates to personal finances, and the reason behind joining the artists/artworks you’ve chosen.
  • Complete this sentence “I want this exhibition featured in a wealth management office because. . .”
  • A list of up to five artists, their media, and links to their online portfolios

Sent to us via email to:  info@rhodesfletcher.com

What we provide:

  • Roughly 1,200 square feet of unique exhibition space for three months
  • A curatorial stipend and an artist stipend
  • A printed announcement card
  • An electronic invitation
  • Assistance with writing and disseminating a press release
  • An artist reception
  • A public artist/curator talk
  • An educational program in conjunction with your exhibition
  • A continual stream of wealth management clients

All media considered.  Due to a limited amount of floor space, large sculpture isn’t recommended.  While the space is secure and the risk of theft or damage is extremely minimal, you should know that we do not carry a separate insurance policy for the artwork.  Artists will be asked to sign an insurance waiver.  We promote the sale of artwork but do not take commissions.  Any transaction will be facilitated between the buyer and seller directly.  Full details and a curatorial agreement are available upon request.

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