“Downtown” artwork by John-Mark Ikeda

curated by Amy Cancelmo of Root Division.

ikeda postcard side a

Ikeda uses ordinary business accoutrements as symbols that illustrate “the moment when myths deteriorate”.  These items, originally intended to facilitate business, are disempowered through their use as metaphor for a growing disenchantment with the promises of free enterprise.  Disassembled, deconstructed, misused, manipulated and analyzed, Ikeda demonstrates a mastery over traditional business vices and the ideas they represent.

“I am interested in the ways that myth is used to communicate, order, and represent reality,” says Ikeda.  “We are taught to understand the world through abstract stories and concepts, such as fairytales, religion, and science.  Symbols and texts are combined [in my artwork], dissected, and scrutinized in order to illustrate our problematic relationship to them.”

In Q1, Q2, A3, A4 a business suit becomes a printing plate.  In a video work, titled DOWNTOWN, the act of ironing a shirt becomes a careful ritual, and in Free Fall our cell phones and mobile devices become windows for an augmented reality piece outside the Wells Fargo Bank (across the street).

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