COME AND GET IT! New work by Jennie Lennick

January 7th through April 4th, 2014

LENNICK front side FINAL

COME AND GET IT! was a multi-media exhibition featuring new work by Root Division artist, Jennie Lennick.  Through a series of magazine cuts, paper sculptures, paintings, prints, and embroidery, Lennick questions fine art’s role as a commodity, a memorabilia, and an object for aesthetic appreciation.  The work in COME AND GET IT! blurs the often thinly drawn line between what would be considered “high art” and what we might think of as “kitsch”.

COME AND GET IT! consisted of three separate arrangements: Me & Others, a series of collages where Lennick forces a collaboration between a “famous” artists and herself by combining her own drawings and paintings with pages torn from high art magazines and auction catalogs.  Cantaloupe Salads and Cheeses of France two series which feature multiple studies of images found in vintage cookbooks vividly recreated by hand in multiple forms. In an era where abundant cooking shows and the inundation of polished representations of food have become a symbol of western abundance, Lennick’s original and peculiar recreations place the dated imagery of vintage cooking a new level.

Artist Wine and Cheese Reception
Thursday, January 28th at 6:00pm at Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC
465 California Street, Suite 838

Artist Talk
Thursday, March 27th at 6:00pm at Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC
465 California Street, Suite 838

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