Revised Inheritance, new work by Brooke Westfall

Westfall postcard front FINAL (for email)“Revised Inheritance” featured a series of painstakingly detailed renderings of paper artifacts.  “They are mostly pieces of paper I found while helping my family organize and settle my grandmother’s estate,” explained Westfall.  A certificate of baptism, a marriage license, newspaper clippings, and store receipts are some of the documents rendered in the series through watercolor and ink.

Westfall creates her work on paper by utilizing storybook illustrations and coloring book structures to showcase the psychological and sociocultural effects of family dynamics. These paintings are mostly influenced by eastern miniature paintings and illuminated manuscripts. With such influences, she creates her work by including intricately dense patterns and inviting details only to mask the often disturbing and violent nature of the underlying narrative.

Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC hosted an enlightening panel discussion on May 23rd in the Merchants Exchange Club located in the lower lobby of 465 California Street. The topic of conversation was be “Staying Young”; defining age, discussing the elements most responsible for “aging” and offering tips on how to stay young.  Panelists included Equinox personal trainer, C.J. Blackman, professional organizer, Emily Wilska, estate planning attorney, Elizabeth Krivatsy, and featured artist, Brooke Westfall.

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